De Blasio Scorched On Twitter For Asking New Yorkers To Cut Power Usage In Heat Wave

De Blasio Scorched On Twitter For Asking New Yorkers To Cut Power Usage In Heat Wave

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For many New Yorkers dealing with searing temperatures amid a brutal heat wave, it may have been asking too much.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday requested that city residents try to limit their consumption of electricity in order to avoid power outages.

“We need New Yorkers to take IMMEDIATE action,” de Blasio wrote on Twitter. “Reduce your use of electricity in your home or your business for the rest of the day. We need to avoid energy disruptions during this heat emergency.”

“The extreme heat will hopefully break early tomorrow [Thursday] morning,” he wrote in a subsequent message. Let’s get to that point safely.”

At a news conference, de Blasio called for New Yorkers to reduce their use of air conditioning as well as washers, dryers and household appliances, Newsweek reported.


John Scrivani, New York City’s emergency management commissioner, told reporters that the city had already seen a power outage in a Brooklyn neighborhood that left 1,700 residents without electricity, the report said.

Some Twitter users noted that New York state in April had seen the shutdown of the Indian Point nuclear power plant just north of the city, after nearly 60 years of operation.

Others wondered if de Blasio would be making the same sacrifice request with

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De Blasio scorched on Twitter for asking New Yorkers to cut power usage in heat wave

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