New Oath Keeper Defendant Cooperating Against Others In Major January 6 Conspiracy Case

New Oath Keeper Defendant Cooperating Against Others In Major January 6 Conspiracy Case

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(CNN)A member of the Oath Keepers has cut a plea deal with prosecutors and is testifying secretly against others in the right-wing group, according to a criminal case unsealed Wednesday in Washington, DC.

The newly public case is the latest known move by the Justice Department to prosecute the extremist group for planning the January 6 attack on Congress.

Mark Grods, a 54-year-old Alabaman, pleaded guilty to two charges — conspiracy and obstruction of Congress’ certification of the Electoral College votes — at a court hearing on Wednesday.

    Though the Justice Department identified in court that Grods played a minor role in the conspiracy, he appears to have been witness to some of the central moves made by the Oath Keepers as they arranged guns around Washington, DC, and participated in the insurrection.

      He admitted to taking part in paramilitary training efforts before January 6 and recruiting people to come to DC and join together for the siege. Grods and others brought firearms, combat outfits, helmets and radio equipment for the siege, according to the charging document.

        Grods also admitted to allegations that he stormed the Capitol with others, taking part in the military-style “stack” formation used by the Oath Keepers to cut through the crowd, while carrying a “large stick,” according to his court record.

        Grods’ plea deal was filed in court confidentially o

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        New Oath Keeper defendant cooperating against others in major January 6 conspiracy case

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