Georgia Secretary Of State Calls DOJ Voting Lawsuit A ‘political Stunt,’ Says State Will ‘prevail’ In Court

Georgia Secretary Of State Calls DOJ Voting Lawsuit A ‘political Stunt,’ Says State Will ‘prevail’ In Court

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EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said the Biden administration is using the state as a “whooping post,” calling the Justice Department’s lawsuit against its new voting law a “political stunt” and expressing confidence that the measure will “prevail” in court. 

During an exclusive interview with Fox News, Raffensperger reacted to the Justice Department’s move to file a lawsuit challenging several provisions of Georgia’s new voting law. 


“We fully intend to meet them and beat them when we get to a court of law,” Raffensperger told Fox News. “We have truth on our side.” 

Georgia’s new law requires voter ID for absentee voting rather than relying on signature matching for verification, limiting ballot drop boxes to one per county or one per 100,000 voters, expanded early voting days, and standardized early voting hours to a minimum of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and a maximum of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The legislation also barred outside groups from passing out food and water to those in line, which Republicans say can be used as a method to illegally influence people waiting to vote.

The law also handed more election authority to the GOP-controlled state legislature. It states that the General Assembly is to select the chair of the state elections board, rather than the board being chaired by the Georgia secretary of state. It also shortens runoffs from nine weeks to four.

The state election board can also now investigate county election boards and has the power to suspend county election superintendents – though the board can only suspend four at a time.

The provisions the DOJ will target include a ban on government entities handing out unsolicited absentee ballots; fines on civic groups, places of worship and advocacy organizations for distributing follow-up absentee ballots; and shortening absentee ballot deadlines to 11

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Georgia secretary of state calls DOJ voting lawsuit a ‘political stunt,’ says state will ‘prevail’ in court

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