A Structural Report Noted Cracking In Concrete Columns At The Florida Condo Building Where Dozens Are Still Missing After Partial Collapse

A Structural Report Noted Cracking In Concrete Columns At The Florida Condo Building Where Dozens Are Still Missing After Partial Collapse

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6 hr 54 min agoEngineer raised concerns about structural damage at Surfside condominium in 2018 reportFrom CNN’s Chuck Johnston

These photos published in the 2018 report shows concrete spalling on a balcony at Champlain Towers. From Morabito ConsultantsA structural field survey report completed nearly three years before the collapse of the Champlain Towers south condominium complex in Surfside raised concerns about structural damage to the concrete slab below the pool deck and “cracking and spalling” located in the parking garage.

The report from October 2018 was included in a series of public records documents that were published overnight on the Surfside, Florida town website.  The New York Times was the first media outlet to publish a story about the field survey report.

Page seven of the report, the goal of which was to “understand and document the extent of structural issues that require(d) repair and/or remediation in the immediate and near future,” detailed signs of “distress/fatigue” in the parking garage:

“Abundant cracking and spalling of various degrees was observed in the concrete columns, beams and walls. Several sizeable spalls were noted in both the topside of the entrance drive ramp and underside of the pool/ entrance drive/ planter slabs, which included instances with exposed, deteriorating rebar. Though some of this damage is minor, most of the concrete deterioration needs to be repaired in a timely fashion.” 

Spalling is a term used to describe areas of concrete that have cracked or crumbled.

The 2018 report also noted that “many of the previous garage concrete repairs” were “failing.”

The report also said the waterproofing below the pool deck was failing and causing “major structural damage.”

“…the waterproofing below the pool deck and Entrance Drive as well as all of the planter waterproofing is beyond its useful life and therefore must all be completely removed and replaced. The failed waterproofing is causing major structural damage to the concrete structural slab below these areas. Failure to replace the waterproofing in the near future will cause the extent of the concrete deterioration to expand exponentially,” the report read. It further noted that “the replacement of the existing deck waterproofing will be extremely expensive…be disruptive and create a major disturbance to the occupants of this condominium building.”

The report, which didn’t give any indication that the structure was at risk of collapse, was completed by Frank Morabito with Morabito Consultants. CNN reached out to Morabito Consultants on Friday who offered no comment.

An attorney for the building’s condominium association, Kenneth Direktor, warned against early speculation. The building, he told CNN on Friday, had been subject to a series of inspections “over the last several months” as part of its milestone 40-year safety certification process. 

“Nothing like this was foreseeable,” Direktor said. “At least it wasn’t seen by the engineers who were looking at the building from a structural perspective.”

CNN reached out to Kenneth Direktor on Saturday for comment.

8 hr 1 min agoIntense rescue efforts continued through the night in FloridaSince early Thursday morning first responders have been working at the scene at Champlain Towers South, a few miles north of Miami Beach.

Rescue efforts continued all night into Saturday morning.

A side of the building has fallen, leaving huge piles of rubble behind.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has said local and state officials are hoping for additional rescues but “we are bracing for some bad news just given the destruction that we’re seeing.”

The building was undergoing roof work, but it’s unknown whether this was a factor in the collapse, Surfside Mayor Charles W. Burkett said.

“This is a horrific catastrophe. In the United States, buildings just don’t fall down,” Burkett said.

Read more to see the ongoing aftermath in pictures:

8 hr 41 min agoMiami-Dade police chief: “We have not lost hope”Miami-Dade Police Department Director, Alfredo Ramirez III paid tribute to those involved in search and rescue efforts in Florida as work continued through the night.

“The collaboration I have witnessed by our local, state and federal partners is admirable and humbling,” he said.

“We must remain focused in our efforts to save lives. I ask you to join me in prayer. We have not lost hope!”

8 hr 59 min agoSearch and rescue crews include members from Mexico and IsraelFrom CNN’s Jamiel Lynch

There are four task force teams working on search and rescue efforts at the disaster site, Miami-Dade Fire Chief Alan Comisky said in a press conference Friday.

The team includes Florida Task Force 1, which consists of Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue firefighters and three other task force teams from the state.

Task force members from Mexico and Israel, who arrived at the site Friday, are also taking part in search and rescue efforts. 

While the collapse happened on US soil, the impact of the building collapse stretches far beyond US borders. 

Dozens of citizens from countries across Latin America are missing, including those from Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, and Paraguay.

Firefighters spray water at the debris of the partially collapsed building in Surfside, north of Miami Beach, on June 25. Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images9 hr 45 min agoFamilies left searching for loved ones as rescue efforts continuePeople watch recovery operations near the site of an oceanfront condo building that partially collapsed in Surfside, Florida, Friday, June 25. Gerald Herbert/APAt least 159 people remain missing after the building’s partial collapse, leaving many family members frantic for information.

Sarina Patel told CNN that her uncle, his pregnant wife and their one-year-old daughter were all

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A structural report noted cracking in concrete columns at the Florida condo building where dozens are still missing after partial collapse

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