Infrastructure Timeline: What Congress Will Do Next

Infrastructure Timeline: What Congress Will Do Next

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(CNN)A bipartisan deal is clinched, but the marathon of negotiations over how to move not one but two infrastructure packages through Congress is just getting underway, testing Democratic unity, President Joe Biden’s leadership and Republicans’ resolve.

Bottom line: The announcement Thursday from the White House? That’s the starting line.

The next several weeks need to play out, but this is just the beginning with senators not set to return until after the July 4 holiday when they will have to navigate a two-pronged approach to infrastructure that is complicated and is already prompting some Republicans and progressives to harden their resistance.

    The timeline

      Senators will return the week of week of July 12 with a hefty to-do list to complete before they leave for their August recess. There are several steps to here and any one of the complicated pieces could push them off track and bring the entire process down.

        1. Right now the bipartisan bill is a series of ideas, but there isn’t legislative text. That bill needs to be written and sources tell CNN that process will begin during the recess and run for the next several weeks.
        2. On reconciliation, the first step is to pass a budget resolution. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has instructed the Budget Committee to come up with a unity resolution that all the Democratic members of that committee — which includes both Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Joe Manchin of West Virginia — can agree to by the ti

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        Infrastructure timeline: What Congress will do next

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