Pelosi Expected To Appoint Select Committee To Investigate January 6, Sources Say

Pelosi Expected To Appoint Select Committee To Investigate January 6, Sources Say

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(CNN)House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to appoint a select committee to investigate the deadly January 6 attack on the US Capitol after Senate Republicans blocked the creation of an independent commission to probe the insurrection, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Pelosi announced Tuesday evening to the House’s Steering and Policy Committee that she will create a select committee, the sources said. She told Democrats the January 6 inquiry will be a “pursuit of truth” investigation, according to one source who heard her remarks.

One of the sources said Pelosi indicated she believes a regular standing committee of several dozen members just would not work, and notes the House has already given the Senate several weeks to get a bill on an independent commission passed and that has not happened.

    Pelosi later denied that she had made a decision. “No, I did not make that announcement. Somebody put out a false report,” she told reporters.

      After CNN and numerous news outlets reported on her decision, her spokesman, Drew Hammill, later tweeted, “Clarification on tonight’s meeting of the Steering and Policy Committee. Speaker Pelosi told Members she plans to announce WHETHER she will create a select committee THIS WEEK. Her preference continues to be a bipartisan commission which Senate Republicans are blocking.”

        However, CNN stands by its reporting and the sources who confirmed her initial remarks.

        The decision to appoint a select committee to investigate the attack means that House Democrats will channel their various efforts examining the events surrounding January 6 into one place. It was one of several options Pelosi had been considering after Senate Republicans filibustered legislation creating an independent commission that had passed in the House.

          The commission is likely to fuel the political brawl that’s played out in the House the aftermath of January 6, in which Democrats have charged that Republicans are trying to whitewash the insurrection carried out by supporters of former President Donald Trump. Republicans, meanwhile, have accused Democrats of trying to use the commission and

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          Pelosi expected to appoint select committee to investigate January 6, sources say

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