Donald Trump Keeps Stoking ‘reinstatement’ Talk

Donald Trump Keeps Stoking ‘reinstatement’ Talk

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(CNN)Donald Trump continues to openly discuss the possibility that he will be reinstated as president, dangerously fomenting the false belief among his followers that this wild conspiracy theory is something other than a total and complete fantasy. 

In an interview with David Brody for Just the News’ “Water Cooler” show, Trump was asked about the possibility of reinstatement. Here’s how he responded:

“If the election was fraudulent, people are gonna have to make up their own mind. It’s not gonna be up to me. It’s gonna be up to the public. It’s gonna be up to, perhaps, politicians. I don’t think there’s ever been a case like this where hundreds of thousands of votes will be found. So we’ll have to see what happens.” 

    Literally none of that is right. Or close to it.

      The election wasn’t fraudulent. All 50 states plus the District of Columbia certified the vote. The Electoral College count was affirmed by Congress. There has been no evidence of any sort of widespread voter fraud — whether nationally or in an individual state. 

        Now, consider what Trump says next: “People are gonna have to make up their own mind. It’s not gonna be up

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        Donald Trump keeps stoking ‘reinstatement’ talk

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