Pence Faces Hecklers Shouting ‘traitor’ At Religious Conservative Conference

Pence Faces Hecklers Shouting ‘traitor’ At Religious Conservative Conference

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(CNN)Former vice president Mike Pence on Friday was heckled at a conference for religious conservatives, ahead of a speech that took aim at his successor.

Shouts of “traitor” and “freedom” were heard coming from a small group within the audience as Pence took the stage. Wearing red “Make America Great Again” ball caps, they were immediately escorted out of the conference hall by law enforcement.

One of the hecklers later told CNN that she interrupted Pence “because he’s a traitor,” presumably referring to Pence’s role in validating the 2020 election results during Congress’ certification vote on January 6. Pence has previously been criticized by Trump for proceeding with the certification, which took place after Trump-aligned protesters stormed the US Capitol, including some who threatened to “Hang Mike Pence.”

    A police officer did not reply when CNN asked if the female heckler at Friday’s speech was under arrest. Pence’s team also declined to comment on the incident.

      The moment came before Pence criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for declining to visit the US-Mexico border during a recent immigration-focused trip to Central America.

        Echoing a complaint lodged by other Republicans in recent weeks, Pence said it was “past time for our current vice president to go to the border, put our policies back into effect and end the Biden border crisis today.”

        “Literally, in five months they turned the most secure border in the world into the worst border crisis in American history,” he charged in a speech lasting about 30 minutes at The Faith & Freedom Coalit

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        Pence faces hecklers shouting ‘traitor’ at religious conservative conference

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