Challenges To The Affordable Care Act Aren’t Over

Challenges To The Affordable Care Act Aren’t Over

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(CNN)Another lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act is brewing in Texas.

The effort to tear down a section of the landmark health reform law shows that although the Supreme Court preserved the act for the third time on Thursday, it remains at risk.

The case centers only on the no-cost preventive services available under the Affordable Care Act and does not seek to overturn the entire law. It is before Texas District Court Judge Reed O’Connor, who in 2018 struck down the whole law in a separate legal battle that the Supreme Court decided on Thursday.

    Under the law, insurers must offer certain preventive services — such as many immunizations, cholesterol and lung cancer screenings, mammograms, birth control and HIV prevention medications — at no charge to patients. This applies to most health plans, including those in the employer, individual and small business markets. Medicare enrollees also benefit from the provision.

      In the case, Kelley vs. Azar, a group of individuals and businesses argue that mandate is unlawful for several reasons. They say that the three entities that determine what services are covered under the provision — the US Preventive Services Task Force, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the Health Resources and Services Administration — were not appointed properl

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      Challenges to the Affordable Care Act aren’t over

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