Total Recall: Take CNN’s Weekly News Quiz

Total Recall: Take CNN’s Weekly News Quiz

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June 13, 2021 By Joe Bagliere and Ivory Sherman

1 of 10Jeff Bezos will be part of a crew traveling into space on a rocket built by his company Blue Origin. What’s the name of the rocket itself? Scheduled for July 20th, the flight marks the first manned crew of the rocket New Shepard. The mission is also set to include Bezos’ younger brother, Mark Bezos.

2 of 10In a win against cybercriminals, the Justice Department announced that it recovered nearly $2.3 million in Bitcoin paid out during a ransomware attack targeting which company? The recovered Bitcoin was part of a ransom paid to hackers whose ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline led to the shutdown of the fuel pipeline, a critical energy artery servicing the Eastern United States.

3 of 10In her first foreign trip in office, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to which two countries as part of a diplomatic effort to stem the flow of migration at the southern border? Vice President Harris, who has been tapped to lead the United States’ response to the migration crisis, traveled to Mexico and Guatemala, highlighting Central America’s critical role in the effort.

4 of 10In a rare instance of bipartisanship, the US Senate passed legislation in a 68-32 vote. What’s the central purpose of the legislation? The legislation, the US Innovation and Competition Act, invests hundreds of billions of dollars in American technology, science and research – all in an effort to counter China’s growing global influence.

5 of 10In a landmark decision, the FDA approved the use of the experimental drug aducanumab to be used in the early stages of which disease

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Total Recall: Take CNN’s weekly news quiz

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