Biden Says Putin Is Right About US-Russia Relations Being At ‘a Low Point’ Ahead Of Summit

Biden Says Putin Is Right About US-Russia Relations Being At ‘a Low Point’ Ahead Of Summit

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“I think he is right, it’s a low point. And it depends on how he responds to acting consistent with international norms, which, in many cases, he has not,” Biden told reporters at a news conference before departing the Group of Seven summit in Cornwall.

In a clip of an interview with NBC aired on Friday night, Putin told NBC News’ Keir Simmons in Moscow, “We have a bilateral relationship that has deteriorated to its lowest point in recent years.” They echoed a comment from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who told CNN that that Putin wanted to meet with Biden precisely because of the poor state of relations between the two nations.

    Biden said the US is “not looking for conflict” and said there may be a “strategic doctrine” that the countries could agree on that touches on areas like the climate crisis.

      “We are looking to resolve those actions which we think are inconsistent with international norms, number one. Number two, where we can work together, we may be able to do that in terms of some strategic doctrine that may be able to be worked together, we’re ready to do it. There may be other areas. There is even talk there may be the ability to work together on climate,” Biden said.

        Biden defended the decision not to hold a joint news conference with Putin after their high stakes meeting, arguing such an appearance would only serve to detract from the US’ goal of working toward a stable and predictable relationship with Russia.

        “This is not a contest about who can do better in front of a press conference or try to embarrass each other. It’s about making myself very clear what the conditions are to get a better relationship are with Russia,”

          The President sa

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          Biden says Putin is right about US-Russia relations being at ‘a low point’ ahead of summit

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