Analysis: Trump Is Doing More Lying About The Election Than Talking About Any Other Subject

Analysis: Trump Is Doing More Lying About The Election Than Talking About Any Other Subject

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Washington (CNN)Since his presidency ended, Donald Trump has issued more statements lying about the 2020 election than statements talking about any other subject.

Banned from Twitter since early January, Trump has communicated his post-presidency musings in written statements that are emailed to journalists and posted on his website. These missives, many of which were initially featured on his now-shuttered blog, have replaced his tweets as the most comprehensive public record of his day-to-day thinking.

And after crunching the numbers, what’s clear is that Trump’s primary focus is the election he lost.

    Forty-three of the 132 post-presidency statements Trump had issued through June 9 included a lie about the election. That’s about 33%. These lies range from vague claims that the election was “stolen” and “rigged” to specific false assertions about what happened in various states he lost.

      Trump’s second-favorite post-presidency topic has been bashing fellow Republicans. About 24% percent of Trump’s post-presidency statements have castigated other members of his party — sometimes for failing to support his dishonest attempt to get the election overturned, other times for generally failing to be sufficiently loyal to him.

        Another 23% of Trump’s post-presidency statements have been endorsements of Republican candidates. (These endorsements tend to be more formulaic and less personal than his o

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        Analysis: Trump is doing more lying about the election than talking about any other subject

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