China Resurfaces False COVID-19 Origin Theory Linked To Fort Detrick

China Resurfaces False COVID-19 Origin Theory Linked To Fort Detrick

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The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said this week that the U.S. should open biological research facilities at Ford Detrick in Maryland for inspection, a claim that re-emerged as officials in Beijing face mounting scrutiny over the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic originated from a lab accident in Wuhan.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin ripped the Biden administration for enlisting the intelligence community to further investigate the Wuhan lab leak theory. His remarks echoed a baseless claim pushed for months in Chinese media and government. Officials have argued without evidence that the outbreak was somehow linked to Fort Detrick.

“If the U.S. really attaches importance to transparency, then when can it invite WHO experts to visit Fort Detrick?” the spokesman said at a press briefing posted on Twitter. “China has invited WHO experts in for two rounds of origin-tracing study and the WHO experts have also visited biosafety labs including the [Wuhan Institute of Virology].”

Wang referenced Fort Detrick just days after another Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman

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China resurfaces false COVID-19 origin theory linked to Fort Detrick

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