Tammy Bruce: Federal Request To Fly Gay Pride Flags At Courthouses ‘reinforces Tribalism’

Tammy Bruce: Federal Request To Fly Gay Pride Flags At Courthouses ‘reinforces Tribalism’

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The Biden administration reportedly requested that the General Services Administration seek to have United States Court Houses fly the gay pride flag on their grounds in honor of June being Pride Month, a move criticized Wednesday by “Fox News Primetime” host Tammy Bruce.

Internal emails obtained by Fox News showed the forwarding of this request to staff within the GSA – the federal agency that provides for and manages the basic support services, real estate and communications for the various parts of the federal government.

Bruce slammed the move, speaking as someone in the LGBT community, and saying that the omnipresence of the gay pride flag this time of year is more divisive than it is uniting.

“My feeling initially about this as a gay woman is, we see in June the gay pride flag is everywhere: I have always been concerned because I love the American flag, that this is a dynamic that reinforces tribalism,” she said.

“It reinforces this notion that well, there is the American flag — but here is who you are. This is your flag; it’s a separate entity within this framework.”

The request comes weeks after the Biden administration asked for the Black Lives Matter banner to be flown or hung at U.S. embassies abroad; which was met with mixed reviews by the public.

In response to the latest demand from the Biden admi

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Tammy Bruce: Federal Request to fly gay pride flags at courthouses ‘reinforces tribalism’

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