College Coaching Legend’s Son Says Dad Knew Doctor Was Abusing Athletes

College Coaching Legend’s Son Says Dad Knew Doctor Was Abusing Athletes

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(CNN)The son of the University of Michigan’s legendary football coach, Bo Schembechler, alleged Thursday that he was sexually abused by a former team doctor being investigated by the school — and that his father knew and did nothing.

Matt Schembechler, 62, said he first visited Dr. Robert Anderson before playing football as a fourth-grader in 1969. Anderson “fondled my genitalia and conducted an invasive rectal exam,” he told reporters.

He told his mother about the exam, and she instructed him to tell his adoptive father. It didn’t go well, he recalled, his dad didn’t want to hear the allegations.

“Bo’s temper was legendary, and he lost it,” Matt Schembechler said. “I tried to tell him repeatedly, but my effort earned me a punch in the chest. This was the beginning of the end of the relationship. … I hoped my father would protect me, but he didn’t.”

The boy and his mother later reported Anderson’s behavior to athletic director Don Canham, who terminated Anderson, but it is Matt Schembechler’s understanding that his father had Anderson reinstated, he said.

The coach’s son was joined by two heretofore anonymous former Michigan players, Daniel Kwiatkowski and Gilvanni Johnson, who were cited in a report commissioned by the UM that found the university received hundreds of allegations about Anderson — over decades — and failed to act, attorney Mick Grewal said. The ex-players say they told the coach of Anderson’s abuse.

Grewal described Anderson as a “pedophile predator” who Bo Schembechler protected. Matt Schembechler and the former players’ purpose in telling their story publicly is twofold, the lawyer explained.

“Their courage to come forward and stand today is not only going to help them heal but is also going to help all the other hundreds, if not thousands, of survivors of this ordeal,” Grewal said.

Bo Schembechler died in 2006, Anderson two years later.

A statement from UM President Mark Schlissel and the board of regents expressed sympathy for the victims and thanked them for their bravery. The school has taken measures to protect its students going forward, it said.

“We condemn and apologize for the tragic misconduct of the late Dr. Robert Anderson, who left the University 17 years ago and died 13 years ago. We are committed to resolving their claims and to continuing the court-guided confidential mediation process.”

Report documents decades of abuse

The ex-players’ allegations are similar to those in a 240-page report last month by law firm WilmerHale, alleging Anderson was moved from University Health Services to the athletic department in 1981 after Thomas Easthope, assistant vice president of student services, received “credible reports of misconduct” in 1978 or 1979.

An alleged victim told the firm Easthope had conveyed to him that Anderson would stop seeing patients, but Anderson “continued to provide medical services to student-athletes and other patients — and to engage in sexual misconduct with large numbers of them” until his retirement, the report said. Easthope told investigators he had fired Anderson, “but Mr. Easthope did not do so,” the report said. Easthope died in February.

“There is no reasonable explanation,” the report concluded, for Easthope’s failure to act on the “rumors and innuendo surrounding Dr. Anderson,” who worked at the university from 1966 to 2003.

Johnson, who came to Ann Arbor as a freshman in 1982, recalled to reporters hearing about “Dr. Anal” when he arrived on campus, but he didn’t understand what it meant until his first visit.

He recounted an exam similar to the one Matt Schembechler says he endured. Johnson visited Anderson for colds, injuries and other matters at least 15 times during his four years at Michigan, and the doctor would fondle his penis and give him rectal exams each time, he said.

He told Bo Schembechler, who said he’d follow-up, but Johnson never heard back, he said. Other players told him “not to rock the boat,” and Bo Schembechler reneged on a promise that the two-sport athlete could also play basketball while at Michigan, Johnson alleged.

Everyone knew about the abuse, he said, and players and coaches talked about it regularly.

“Coaches used to joke about him and actually threatened (a) Dr. Anderson exam if (they) did not think we were working hard enough,” he said. “Only now do I realize how crazy it was to threaten rape as a way of motivating players to work harder.”

Kwiatkowski, who played at Michigan from 1977 to 1981, suffered the same abuse, he said, adding that Anderson once blew on his penis and told him it was OK to get an erection. Bo Schembechler had promised Kwiatkowski’s mother he’d treat the young man like family, so he was surprised by his coach’s reaction when he reported Anderson.

“Bo looked at me and said, ‘Toughen up,'” Kwiatkowski said, and sent him back for three more exams with Anderson, who “violated me again and again.”

The WilmerHale report alleges that — much like Johnson relayed Thursday — athletic officials “heard jokes or rumors about Dr. Anderson’s examinations,” but none of them took steps to investigate.

University delivers apology

The report was based on interviews with hundreds of Anderson’s former patients and “approximately 200 current and former University employees, including administrators, faculty members, and coaches, as well as additional (University Health Services), Athletic Department, and Michigan Medicine personnel.”

Kwiatkowski and Johnson are among the sources, and anonymously shared with investigators that they told Bo Schembechler about Anderson’s behavior, Grewal told CNN.


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College coaching legend’s son says dad knew doctor was abusing athletes

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