21 Pairs Of Tevas You’ll Want To Wear All Summer Long

21 Pairs Of Tevas You’ll Want To Wear All Summer Long

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Some might say that Tevas had their moment, and that moment was the summer of 1996. While they’re not wrong, Tevas are back — and they’re more stylish than ever. In fact, the comfortable sport sandal, which has always been adored among adolescent camp-goers everywhere, has officially made a comeback among the fashion crowd too.

“I love Tevas and was thrilled when they started bubbling up in the trend zeitgeist a few years ago; I’m all for any comfortable shoe having its day in the sun,” says Harling Ross, a fashion writer and brand consultant. “Beyond the comfort factor, though, which Tevas certainly have in spades, I think they also have a really cool minimalist vibe — especially the solid black and solid white styles.”

Fellow brand consultant Kellie Brown is a longtime fan of Tevas too. “Not to be that person, but I put on Tevas and I instantly start seeing a little Tevas song in my mind,” jokes Brown, who says she wears them with everything, including summer dresses, pants and even with socks. “I’ve been wearing them for years and will never stop — I love how contrary they are.”

While Tevas have more of a household name, the brand isn’t the only comfort-first sport sandal on the market. Fashion consultant Alyssa Coscarelli remembers Chacos as the go-to shoe “adored for their genuine comfort and practicality” when she grew up in Georgia in the early aughts. “I grew up in the South, and I remember my classmates constantly remarking on how comfortable their Chacos were. They were ideal for hikes and hanging by a lake or river, as they’re largely waterproof, but, at the same time, they were polarizing even then because some people think they’re ugly,” says Coscarelli.

Hannah Baxter, a beauty editor at TZR with an affinity for menswear silhouettes, says she’s a fan of both Tevas and Chacos — but she wears the latter only “for their intended purpose — backpacking through Thailand and Vietnam in 100-degree heat,” she says. “I haven’t [worn] them since then, but they’ve admittedly gotten cuter in the last nine years.” Still, if it comes down to it, she’ll pick Tevas over Chacos any day: “I still like how brutally straightforward Tevas are. There’s a reason the style hasn’t changed that much over the years — it’s a fashion basic, and basics are the foundation for any wardrobe.”

Ahead, find 21 pairs of the most popular Teva sport sandals that are as stylish as they are comfortable.

Urban Outfitters

Teva Midform Fray Sandal

The frayed straps on this pair lend a lived-in vibe.

Urban Outfitters

Teva Original Universal ’90s Multi Sandal

This multicolored pair has a real ’90s throwback feel — and they have more than two dozen 5-star reviews.

Urban Outfitters

Teva Hurricane Drift Sandal

This butter-yellow pair is top rated at Urban Outfitters for a reason. One customer says they’re a “great color for summer!” and “so comfy!”


Teva Performance Hurricane Verge Sandals in Aragon

This chunky pair boasts snap fasteners in place of Velcro, but don’t worry: They’re still just as adjustable as traditional Tevas.


Teva Olowahu Strappy Sandals

Here’s proof that not all Tevas are chunky and thick-strapped.


Teva Hurricane XLT2 in Vista Sunset

This pair’s colorway is called Vista Sunset — and it has more than 700 5-star reviews. One reviewer writes, “I can wear them right out of the box, no break-in required.”

Urban Outfitters

Teva Original Universal Sandal

“It’s all about the interplay of this shoe that, at first glance, might suggest you’re dressing for comfort, but in fact, you’re keeping your daintiest slip dress from feeling too precious,” says Baxter of the original Teva silhouette.


Teva Hurricane XLT2 in Vista Blue Indigo

This fun purple color way gives the traditional silhouette a more feminine-feeling vibe. One reviewer calls them “visually stunning.”


Teva Voya Flip

This thong sandal iteration is one of the brand’s bestselling styles.


Teva Hurricane XLT2 in Sesame

With more than 700 positive reviews, this bestselling neutral pair is perfect for a minimalist.


Teva Midform Universal in Olive Branch

This customer’s review says it all: “The Original Universal was too thin for me and the ‘flatform’ was too thick (too bold!) for me also and, last year, I was thinking, ‘If only they would come out with something somewhere in between!’ And here it is!”


Teva Midform Universal Chunky Sandals in Light Green Multi

Baxter says she’d start with her “thinnest white T-shirt and denim cutoffs, and then add in the intrigue with a lacy black bra and this chunky Velcro strap sandal.”


Teva Kids Hurricane XLT 2 in Rainbow

These Teva Kids shoes are a special Pride Month edition.


Teva Flatform Universal in Rainbow

The adult iteration of the Pride sandal also has almost 100 5-star reviews. One reviewer calls them “the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned.”

Urban Outfitters

Teva Mevia Flatform Sandal

With all 5-star reviews, this all-white pair is a favorite among Haxter and Coscarelli for a reason: They go with everything.


Teva Hurricane Drift in Sage Green

This sage green color is a favorite among the fashion crowd.


Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT2 in Earth Multi

One reviewer of this men’s style says, “These are great minimalist sandals. Fit and feel is nice [and] straps are padded.”


Teva Men’s Hudson in Dark Skull Gray

“From the very first step these sandals were as comfortable as others that were worn in,” reads one of the almost 100 5-star reviews.


Teva Men’s Universal Trail in Total Eclipse

This chunky sport sandal has a 4.6-star rating, with one reviewer writing, “These are probably one of the best sandals I’ve ever worn. They don’t feel too heavy at all. Yet, they feature a substantial and full, heavy-duty Vibram rubber sole that can handle any trial with ease.”


Teva Kids Manatee

While most reviewers say this style runs big, another says they’re “light and easy to secure.”


Teva Men’s Omnium 2

This bestselling pair of sport shoes has more than 70 5-star reviews, with one saying they “feel great right out of the box.”

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