Sen. Josh Hawley Calls On Fauci To Resign And For Full Investigation Into COVID-19 Origins

Sen. Josh Hawley Calls On Fauci To Resign And For Full Investigation Into COVID-19 Origins

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Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., called on top government epidemiologist Anthony Fauci to resign from his post amid revelations about emails Fauci sent early in the coronavirus pandemic. He also called for a congressional inquiry into the virus’ origins. 

“Anthony Fauci’s recently released emails and investigative reporting about #COVID19 origins are shocking,” Hawley tweeted Friday, adding: “The time has come for Fauci to resign and for a full congressional investigation into the origins of #COVID19 – and into any and all efforts to prevent a full accounting.” 

“The public deserves to know if persons within the US govt tried to stop a full investigation into #COVID origins, as recently reported,” the Missouri Republican continued. “And Congress must also find out to what extent Fauci’s NIAID was involved in financing research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” 

Buzzfeed obtained and published thousands of Fauci’s emails from the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic this week, some of which sparked outrage for a variety of reasons. A group of emails appear to show Fauci’s opposition to mask-wearing early in the pandemic, which was consistent with his public statements, before he and other public health officials reversed that stance. 


Other emails, however, indicated that the possibility the COVID-19 virus leaked from a Chinese lab was raised to Fauci, who is the director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as early as January 2020, and that he and some other reputable scientists took the possibility seriously. 

Nevertheless, Fauci, other public health experts and many in the media were strongly dismissing the possibility that the virus leaked from a lab, even as Fox News reported in April 2020 that at least some in the U.S. intelligence community believed a lab leak to be more likely than other theories. 

The expert who raised lab leak concerns to Fauci on Jan. 31, Kristian G. Andersen, later said that he is quite sure the virus was not artificially altered after looking at the “data.” 

Also sparking outrage against Fauci are two other sets of emails, including one

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Sen. Josh Hawley calls on Fauci to resign and for full investigation into COVID-19 origins

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