4 Reasons To Use Telehealth: Psoriasis

4 Reasons To Use Telehealth: Psoriasis

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Last Updated: January 13, 2021

Psoriasis affects more than 8 million people in the United States, and you may be one of them. Up until now, you may have been seeing your dermatologist in the office. But thanks to advancements in telecommunications technology, you might be able to use telehealth for some of your psoriasis appointments instead. Consider several key reasons that an online psoriasis appointment or telehealth visit can help you manage your psoriasis and stay healthy.

1. Expedited Access to Care Sometimes you really need to talk to your doctor. Maybe you’re having a psoriasis flare that’s worse than usual, or maybe you need a medication refill. Or maybe you’re experiencing some new symptoms, and you’re not sure what to do about them.

You might not be able to get to your doctor’s office in person as quickly as you’d like. Perhaps you’re limited in the possible times in which you’re free or have limited access to transportation. Perhaps you can’t take the time off work, or you’re a caregiver for children or other family members. A telehealth appointment may reduce or even eliminate those worries. A telehealth appointment can be less disruptive to your schedule because it doesn’t require any travel time–or require you to get somewhere else. Plus, because of its convenience, you can see your doctor over telehealth more frequently if necessary, allowing you to better manage your psoriasis.

You might worry you will receive substandard care from a telehealth visit, but you can put that fear to rest. Research suggests online care for psoriasis is just as effective as in-person care. And some s

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4 reasons to use telehealth: Psoriasis

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