Who Is Naftali Bennett? The Man Slated To Replace Benjamin Netanyahu

Who Is Naftali Bennett? The Man Slated To Replace Benjamin Netanyahu

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In a historic coalition agreement Wednesday, Naftali Bennett partnered with opposition leader Yair Lapid to form a new Israeli government. 

If the coalition is approved by Israel’s parliament in a majority vote, Bennett will oust Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister – ending his 12-year reign.

What to know about Bennett

Bennett 49, was born in Haifa, Israel, to American Jewish immigrants in 1972. He lived in the United States for a brief period as a child and like Netanyahu, speaks fluent English, according to Reuters.

Like most Israelis, Bennett served in the military, in a reconnaissance unit as a squad and company commander. 

By 1999 he cofounded an anti-fraud software company Cyota and moved to New York. He later sold the business to an American company for $145 million. He also served as the CEO of Soluto, a device protection company that sold for $100 million.

He now lives in the city of Raanana, an affluent suburb of Tel Aviv, with his wife and four children.

He was a former ally of Netanyahu 

Bennett entered the political arena in 2005 serving as a senior aide to Netanyahu.

By 2012 he entered the Israeli parliament, better known as the Knesset, under the National Religious Party.

The technology-millionaire-turned politician rose quickly in his eight years as a lawmaker, maneuver

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Who is Naftali Bennett? The man slated to replace Benjamin Netanyahu

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