WHO’s Election Of Syria, Belarus To Executive Board Sparks ‘grave Concerns’ From US

WHO’s Election Of Syria, Belarus To Executive Board Sparks ‘grave Concerns’ From US

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The State Department has “grave concerns” about the election of Syria and Belarus to three-year terms on the World Health Organization (WHO) Assembly Executive board, according to a spokesperson. 

“Members of the Executive Board each have the duty to advance public health and are expected to uphold universal values and human rights,” the spokesperson told Fox News. “This includes providing unimpeded access for delivery of life-saving humanitarian supplies, including medical supplies regardless of where beneficiaries reside.  We do not believe the actions of either Syria or Belarus demonstrate this.”

The executive board is comprised of 34 member states. 

The spokesperson noted that new members are nominated by their regions, and no member states outside their region have any say in the matter. The U.S. is not currently part of the executive board but will “monitor closely” the board’s activities and push for reforms at the WHO to increase “transparency and accountability.” 

“It is no secret that Syria and Belarus do not uphold universal values and human rights. As we know, Syria continues to obstruct unimpeded access of life-saving humanitarian aid to its citizens in addition to having targeted

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WHO’s election of Syria, Belarus to executive board sparks ‘grave concerns’ from US

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