Gorsuch Denies Colorado Churches’ Petition Challenging Covid-Related Restrictions

Gorsuch Denies Colorado Churches’ Petition Challenging Covid-Related Restrictions

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(CNN)Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch on Tuesday denied a request from two Colorado churches and their pastors challenging Covid-19-related restrictions that they said treated them less favorably than secular organizations.

Gorsuch, who has jurisdiction over cases out of Colorado, denied the churches’ petition without referring the matter to the full court, suggesting he didn’t think his colleagues would be interested in the arguments put forward by the houses of worship in the case at hand.

Unlike other disputes that have drawn close divisions at the court, the Colorado churches took aim at a law that was not specific to the coronavirus but included other public health disasters such as wildfires and earthquakes, as well. Conservative groups that had supported other challenges to state Covid restrictions did not weigh in in favor of the churches in the Colorado dispute, suggesting that they, too, thought the request was too broad.

    Lawyers for Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, told the justices in c

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    Gorsuch denies Colorado churches’ petition challenging Covid-related restrictions

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