Dianne Morales’ Bid To Be NYC Mayor Continues Despite Staff Walkout

Dianne Morales’ Bid To Be NYC Mayor Continues Despite Staff Walkout

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Progressive New York City mayoral candidate Dianne Morales said her campaign is “moving forward” with a union contract on Tuesday after dozens of her campaign staff went on strike over alleged unfair pay and other issues last week.

“I want the best for ALL my staff – those that have been organizing for the union and those who have continued working. I’m looking forward to signing a union contract with my staff as I continue the work of building a city that works for everyone – not just the wealthy,” she wrote on Twitter.


“The campaign is moving forward, driven by the same vision that led me to enter this race – one where all New Yorkers are able to live in dignity. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail and the debate on Wednesday,” Morales continued.

However, some ex-staffers took issue with Morales’s version of events.

“It’s Tuesday and our union is still without our four leaders who Dianne has refused to reinstate. They are sharing their story. Black women were harmed, pass it on,” a group calling themselves Mayorales Union wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

“We are the Union 4: the four women terminated by Dianne Morales on May 27th. We are young women, three of whom are Black Caribbean immigrant women, and one who is a 20 year-old white woman,” they said in a statement. “We were hired to ensure safe and inclusive spaces for Black and Brown organizers, women, a

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Dianne Morales’ bid to be NYC mayor continues despite staff walkout

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