American Detained In Russia With Covid-19 Has Not Been Able To Speak To Family, They Say

American Detained In Russia With Covid-19 Has Not Been Able To Speak To Family, They Say

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(CNN)The parents of Trevor Reed, an American imprisoned in Russia who recently tested positive for Covid-19, said Friday that neither they nor the US Embassy have been able to contact him in the wake of his diagnosis.

“We don’t know anything about his treatment. We haven’t been able to talk to him since he was taken to isolation,” Paula Reed told CNN’s Victor Blackwell. “He was experiencing a fever, a cough and he lost his sense of smell or taste, possibly both. That’s all we know.”

Reed, a former US Marine, was granted a Covid test on Sunday after several days of being denied one, Joey Reed said, and Trevor Reed’s legal team was informed that he had tested positive on Tuesday, a day before he was supposed to appear at an appeal hearing in Moscow. That hearing was postponed.

    “It’s really hard — I know as almost every parent knows their child, so if we could just talk to him and hear him say he’s okay, then I’m able to tell through his voice if he really is okay or if he’s saying he’s okay because he doesn’t want me to worry but he’s really suffering more,” Paula Reed said with tears in her eyes. “It would just be nice, even if it’s not just us, if they could call the Embassy and relay that to us. We just want to know how he’s feeling.”

      Joey Reed said that the Embassy is “currently trying to get contact with Trevor, either by phone or in person or have him contact his family. They’re not getting through the Russian system. They’re trying all day, every day, for the last three days.”

        A State Department spokesperson told CNN on Friday that “despite repeated requests, officers from Embassy Moscow have been unable to speak with or visit Trevor following the diagnosis.”

        “We are deeply concerned for Trevor’s health. We continue to press Russian authorities for Trevor’s fair and humane treatment, access to appropriate medical care, regular contact with U.S. consular officials, and his release,” the spokesperson said.

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          American detained in Russia with Covid-19 has not been able to speak to family, they say

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