18 TV Sales You Won’t Want To Miss During Memorial Day Weekend

18 TV Sales You Won’t Want To Miss During Memorial Day Weekend

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While Memorial Day is best known for sales on appliances, furniture and outdoor gear to get you ready for summer, a few retailers have also dropped prices on TVs to entice a living room upgrade.

Finding a good deal, of course, is tough, since there are so many TVs out there — and price isn’t always an indicator of quality (see our best TVs guide if you don’t believe us). Whether you’re looking for a small, inexpensive model or a giant 75-inch behemoth for your home theater, there are some great discounts available right now. Here are the sales worth looking at this Memorial Day.

55-Inch Sony A8H OLED TV ($1,498, originally $1,898; amazon.com)


55-Inch Sony A8H OLED TV

Our pick last year for the best luxury TV, the Sony A8H uses a beautiful OLED panel that has pixel-perfect black levels for an image you have to see to truly believe. While it’s a year behind the A90J listed below, it’s still one of the best TVs you can buy today, and it’s available at a much more affordable price than its successor — in no small part thanks to a $400 discount this week.

86-Inch Samsung TU9000 ($1,797, originally $2,199; amazon.com)


86-Inch Samsung TU9000

Samsung’s TU9000 is one of Amazon’s featured deals this week, and while it looks pricey at first blush, it’s actually a great price if you factor in the enormous size of this panel. At 86 inches, it’s the largest TV we found on sale this week, and at $400 off to boot — just make sure you have a strong enough wall mount to hold this puppy up.

77-Inch LG CX OLED TV ($3,049, originally $4,996; amazon.com)



Can’t decide between that top-tier OLED picture and a giant panel? Amazon’s got you covered with this stellar deal: With 77 inches of gorgeous blacks and stunning HDR for hundreds of dollars less than its usual price, you can’t go too wrong with LG’s bestselling CX. It may be last year’s TV, but it’s packed with all the latest features, including all the HDMI 2.1 goodness you’ll need for next-gen gaming.

75-Inch Sony X950H ($1,998, originally $2,599; amazon.com)


75-Inch Sony X950H

If you’re in a well-lit room, an LED TV like the Sony X950H might be a better bet than one of LG’s OLEDs, thanks to their ability to get brighter. Sony’s X950H might not be slated to get the gaming features of this year’s X90J, but thanks to the yearly ritual of clearing out old stock, it’s close to the same price — and its superior HDR performance is good enough to make up for any 2021 improvements it’s missing. In fact, I stand by this TV so much that it’s the one currently sitting in my home theater.

55-Inch Sony X90J LED TV ($1,199, originally $1,499; bestbuy.com)

Best Buy

55-Inch Sony X90J LED TV

Sony’s X900 series (renamed X90 for 2021) has long been one of the best high-end TVs you can get for a decent price. The Google TV-powered X90J features full-array local dimming for deep blacks, solid HDR performance for a picture that pops, built-in Google Assistant voice control and Sony’s latest Bravia XR processor, which delivers stellar motion and upscaling performance. It’s even slated to get some HDMI 2.1 gaming features, if you’re planning on buying the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

55-Inch Sony A90J OLED TV ($2,799, originally $2,999; bestbuy.com)

Best Buy

55-Inch Sony A90J OLED TV

When we tested TVs last year, Sony’s OLED was our pick for the best luxury TV. This year’s A90J is even better, with a higher peak brightness than last year’s model for even punchier HDR highlights, along with Sony’s latest processor that can make even low-quality cable streams look better. It isn’t a cheap TV, but this week’s $200 discount can help ease the sting.

70-Inch Samsung 7 Series ($699, originally $749; bestbuy.com)

Best Buy

70-Inch Samsung 7 Series

If you’re looking for a monster-size TV without monster-size prices, Samsung’s 7 Series is one of the best-priced big-screen sales we’ve seen this week. The 70-inch version is down $50, and while it isn’t packed with QLED color or local dimming like Samsung’s higher-end models, it’s a good deal for a TV that’ll fill a sizable living room.

55-Inch Hisense H8G ($503, originally $529; bestbuy.com)

Best Buy

55-Inch Hisense H8G

If you’re on a stricter budget but want a TV that looks great — especially for home theater viewing in a dark room — the Hisense H8G packs in the most important features at a great price. With full-array local dimming, it can produce an HDR picture with more pop than edge-lit TVs, and its wide color gamut means you’ll see more vibrant colors in supported content through all its built-in streaming services. Oh, and it can automatically switch into low-latency mode if you’re gaming too.

55-Inch Vizio V-Series ($370, originally $439; bestbuy.com)

Best Buy

55-Inch Vizio V-Series

Vizio’s budget V-Series doesn’t quite measure up to Hisense’s midrange offering above, thanks to its lower peak brightness in HDR and its lack of local dimming LEDs. It is, however, currently a whopping $70 off its list price, so the bang for your buck is hard to beat — especially if you plan on mostly watching regular TV shows in a well-lit room rather than a movie-focused home theater.

43-Inch Insignia F30 ($279, originally $429; bestbuy.com)

Best Buy

43-Inch Insignia F30

At only $279, this is one of the cheaper TVs you’ll find at Best Buy’s Memorial Day sale. And while it’s a bit smaller at 43 inches, it’s perfect for a room where you don’t have as much space but still want all the standard apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. In fact, since Insignia uses Amazon’s Fire OS as its smart platform, it also has Alexa microphones built in, which is awesome to see at this price.

55-Inch LG CX OLED ($1,396, originally $1,796; bhphotovideo.com)

B&H Photo Video

55-Inch LG CX OLED

Amazon may have the 75-inch version of this TV on sale, but B&H Photo Video has the 55- and 65-inch versions available for discounted prices, in case you want those gorgeous OLED blacks and next-gen gaming features at a slightly more affordable size.

85-Inch Sony X900H ($2,198, originally $2,598; bhphotovideo.com)

B&H Photo Video

85-Inch Sony X900H

If this year’s X90J is a bit too pricey and you want as big a screen as you can fit through the door, B&H Photo Video is also offering a screaming deal on the 85-inch version of last year’s X900H. This TV is known for its great value, and at $400 off, you know it’s going to be worth every penny.

55-Inch Samsung Q90T QLED TV ($1,599, originally $1,799; samsung.com)


55-Inch Samsung Q90T QLED TV

Unlike many of the other LED TVs on this list, which have a few dozen “local dimming zones” for deeper blacks, Samsung’s awesome Q90T has close to 100, which means you get a picture that pops without any clouding around the edges. Couple that with the fantastic colors of this bright QLED panel, and Samsung’s Q90T is easily one of the best TVs on the market, at any price. The 55-inch model is on sale for $200 off, but Samsung has dropped prices on every size through its own online store, so head over to its site and pick whatever size you want.

75-Inch Samsung Q900TS QLED 8K TV ($2,999, originally $7,499; samsung.com)


75-Inch Samsung Q900TS QLED 8K TV

If you want the latest and greatest in TV technology, Samsung’s Q900TS takes everything great about the Q90T — bright highlights, vivid colors and deep black levels — and quadruples the number of pixels available. While you won’t find any 8K movies on Netflix just yet, this 8K TV ensures you’re ready for whatever’s next with the sharpest panel you can buy today.

65-Inch Samsung The Frame TV ($1,899, originally $1,999; samsung.com)


65-Inch Samsung The Frame TV

While its picture quality isn’t quite as impressive as the Q90T and Q900T, Samsung’s The Frame is stunning in its own right. It mounts completely flush against the wall, with a frame-like design and an ambient mode that displays photos and paintings from Samsung’s curated collection so your TV acts as art when you aren’t using it rather than an empty black box in the middle of your room. I have this in the center of my living room, and I smile every time I look at it — even when it’s off.

55-Inch TCL 4-Series ($359; walmart.com)


55-Inch TCL 4-Series

When it comes to super-affordable TVs, you aren’t going to find a ton of price drops right now — in fact, most of the prices on these TVs have gone up in the last few months, likely due

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