Marc Thiessen Slams Media ‘dereliction Of Duty’ On China, COVID Origins

Marc Thiessen Slams Media ‘dereliction Of Duty’ On China, COVID Origins

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Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen ripped the media for dismissing the theory that the deadly coronavirus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, and called the press actions a “shameful dereliction of duty.”

More than a year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats and their “media allies” stopped pointing fingers at former President Trump for the outbreak, since he is no longer in office, and shifted the blame back to China. 

“So can we finally blame China? Apparently now it’s OK and it’s safe to do so,” Thiessen told “The Faulkner Focus” Friday. “The reality is, of course, this came from the lab. There is zero evidence to show t

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Marc Thiessen slams media ‘dereliction of duty’ on China, COVID origins

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