Georgia Man Claims School Trying To Prevent Use Of Defunct Facility For Charter School Due To ‘competition’

Georgia Man Claims School Trying To Prevent Use Of Defunct Facility For Charter School Due To ‘competition’

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A 21-year-old Georgia man and military veteran who founded an organization seeking to help young Black kids stay out of jail and acquire life and job skills claimed Tuesday he is being stonewalled at every turn by the local school administration in his quest to purchase a to-be-demolished school building as a charter institution.

King Randall joined Lawrence Jones on “Fox News Primetime” to discuss his organization “The X For Boys”, and how he believes his organization is doing a better job than government or the media at holding elected leaders accountable for systemic problems in local communities.

“I feel like watching media and looking on social media et cetera is kind of taking us backwards because we are not holding our leaders accountable. We are pointing fingers you know at everyone except our leaders and we won’t hold them responsible for what’s going on in our communities,” the Albany, Ga., native said.

Randall told Jones that in Albany, the Dougherty County Schools were planning to demolish a school building that he wanted to purchase to use as a charter school for the youth in his program.

However, he said it appears the district is, in his words, afraid of “competition” from a private institution.

“I work with children. I have been working with them for two years now. I actually started taking temporary custody of children in my home. I work with children that have been molested.

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Georgia man claims school trying to prevent use of defunct facility for charter school due to ‘competition’

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