Analysis: The 2021 Vaccination Map Looks Like The 2020 Election Map

Analysis: The 2021 Vaccination Map Looks Like The 2020 Election Map

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(CNN)The Covid-19 vaccines save lives. The effort to vaccinate should be one of the rare things that bring all of us together in our polarized day and age.

Unfortunately, the vaccination rates by state show us that even the race to protect people from the coronavirus has fallen along familiar political lines.

Take a look at the states that are leading the way for adults (18 years or older) with at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccines, as of Thursday’s CDC report. Of the top 25 states in terms of percentage vaccinated, President Joe Biden won 21 of them in the 2020 election.

    Just four of the top 25 states for vaccination were won by former President Donald Trump last election. Trump won 21 of the bottom 25 for vaccinations. This includes 16 of the bottom 17 states.

      Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be too surprising. Polling has shown for a while now that Democrats were more likely to get vaccinated than Republicans. A NPR/PBS-NewsHour/Marist College poll from earlier this month showed that 82% said they were vaccinated compared to a mere 45% of Republicans. The stats revealed a similar split between Biden backers (82%) and Trump supporters (44%).

        The correlation between vaccination rates and the 2020 election outcome by state has only strengthened over time, as supplies have overtaken demand. When I examined the stats a month and a half ago, there were a few Trump won states in the top 10. That’s no longer the case.

        Now, not only are all the top 10 states for vaccinations places that went for Biden, all of the top 20 are.

          But it’s not just that the vaccination map is starting to look like the 2020 election map. It’s that the underlying demographic trends driving both of them are similar.

          Education has

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          Analysis: The 2021 vaccination map looks like the 2020 election map

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