An Aspiring Congressional Candidate Unveils Novel Campaign Slogan: ‘Make Crime Illegal Again’

An Aspiring Congressional Candidate Unveils Novel Campaign Slogan: ‘Make Crime Illegal Again’

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Seattle police face staffing crisis

An anti-police climate prompted more than 200 of the city’s law enforcement officers to quit last year. Reaction from Seattle Fraternal Order of Police President Marco Monteblanco.

EXCLUSIVE: Washington state congressional candidate Matt Larkin is running on a tough-on-crime platform based on supporting law enforcement in an effort to “make crime illegal again” amid skyrocketing crime and failed liberal leadership in Seattle.

Larkin, a Republican who lost his bid for Washington state attorney general to the incumbent Democrat in 2020, plans to challenge sitting Democratic Rep. Kim Schrier for the seat representing the 8th District of Washington. 

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Larkin said that skyrocketing violent crime, rising homelessness and the growing number of assaults on police officers motivated him to jump into the race. 

“There is an astounding failure of left-wing prosecutors to pursue charges against criminals and it makes us all unsafe. They refuse to prosecute crime, and I’m running on a platform to make crime illegal again,” Larkin told Fox News.

“I can only pray we don’t see another ‘summer of love,’” said the congressional hopeful. 


Last summer, Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan received heavy backlash for her comment referring to a violent occupy protest, known as the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” (CHOP), in the east precinct of Seattle as a harmless “summer of love.”

When asked about the rioters in Seattle and in Portland, Oregon, over last summer — many who attacked courthouses, assaulted police officers and have gone without trials — Larkin called it a problem, but said he is “not surprised.” He said that 89% of arrests for all crimes in the city of Seattle go without any resolution. 

“Our Seattle city prosecutor refuses to prosecute crime and is making it easier and easier to commit crime,” said Larkin. “If crimes go without any resolution, people think they can get away with anything. If you give an inch, criminals will take a mile.”


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An aspiring congressional candidate unveils novel campaign slogan: ‘Make crime illegal again’

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