Commission Reviewing Military Base Names To Visit West Point Next Week

Commission Reviewing Military Base Names To Visit West Point Next Week

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(CNN)The Congressionally mandated commission established to recommend how to rename up to nine active-duty military bases and sites associated with the Confederacy will make its first site visit next week to the US Military Academy at West Point in New York.

The visit was announced by retired Navy Adm. Admiral Michelle Howard who chairs the eight-member commission which was established by Congress in the face of fierce opposition from former President Donald Trump last year.

It is tasked with looking at installations, facilities, monuments, displays and even roads that were named after figures who served with Confederate forces during the Civil War. The review will lead the commission to look at some of the most iconic locations in US military history including Fort Bragg, Fort Hood and Fort Benning.

    The visit to West Point underscores the military’s struggle to reconcile its current bases with the history of the Civil War. Writing in The Atlantic in June 2020, retired Gen. David Petraeus noted, “it gives me considerable p

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    Commission reviewing military base names to visit West Point next week

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