Prosecutors Took 18 Electronic Devices From Rudy Giuliani’s Home And Office In April Raid

Prosecutors Took 18 Electronic Devices From Rudy Giuliani’s Home And Office In April Raid

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(CNN)Federal prosecutors seized 18 electronic devices belonging to Rudy Giuliani and more than one of his employees when they raided his home and office last month, according to a new court filing.

The letter, dated April 29, had been previously filed publicly with many redactions. The new filing, with fewer redactions, sheds a little more light on the government’s investigative steps.

It indicates that prosecutors obtained electronic devices belonging to multiple people who worked for Giuliani Partners but it does not say specifically how many.

    Giuliani previously said on Fox News that the FBI took seven or eight electronic devices when they arrived at his apartment to execute the search warrant. His attorney, Robert Costello, previously said they also took the laptop belonging to Giuliani’s assistant when they searched his office.

      Government specialists have downloaded 11 of Giuliani’s devices, according to the filing. The remainder, however, are passcode-protected, and the government has asked for Giuliani’s assistance in unlocking them.

        The bulk of the now revealed material relates to a covert search of Giuliani’s iCloud account in 2019. Giuliani’s lawyers are arguing that search was illegal and prosecutors should not be able to review the materials they seized last month.

        Prosecutors said they used a filter team of attorneys and FBI agents who are not on the investigative team to review the material obtained in 2019 for any items that could be covered by attorney-client or other privileges. They noted that that review is “substantially” complete.

          They argued that a filter team was appropriate at the time because the warrants were executed covertly, but they are now seeking a special master, an independent person, to review the newly obtained materials in part due to the publicity of the April search.

          That process was used after authorities seized material from another former lawyer for former President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, and prosecutors said in their filing that in that case the special master “resulted in an efficient and effective privilege review.”

          Giuliani’s lawyers have asked the court to delay the appointment of a special master and want the judge first to unseal

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          Prosecutors took 18 electronic devices from Rudy Giuliani’s home and office in April raid

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