Senate Republicans Call For Biden To Restore Trump-Era Government Transparency Order

Senate Republicans Call For Biden To Restore Trump-Era Government Transparency Order

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Biden faces questions about transparency

Wall Street Journal editorial board member James Freeman tells ‘America’s Newsroom’ the press corps isn’t making the most of their opportunity to question the President-elect.

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Ron Johnson and 20 Republican senators on Tuesday urged President Biden restore a Trump-era executive order modeled after bipartisan legislation requiring federal agencies to post guidance documents in a searchable database, warning that since the measure was revoked, a number of federal agencies have taken “highly concerning” steps to “eliminate public access.” 

“The Public Access to Guidance EO implemented bipartisan, common sense transparency measures requiring agencies to create a ‘single, searchable, indexed database’ of all guidance documents on the agency website,” Johnson, R-Wis., and his GOP colleagues wrote. 


The Republican senators said Biden, upon revoking the order, said it “was necessary to provide Federal agencies the ‘flexibility to use robust regulatory action to address national priorities.” 

“Your administration provided no context to explain how a website providing public access to government documents could be harmful,” they wrote. 

“Since February, a number of federal agencies have taken steps to eliminate public access to guidance documents in order to comply with your directive,” they wrote. “We bel

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Senate Republicans call for Biden to restore Trump-era government transparency order

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