House Democrats’ 2020 Autopsy Blames GOP Attacks, Bad Polling For Disappointing Results

House Democrats’ 2020 Autopsy Blames GOP Attacks, Bad Polling For Disappointing Results

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A “deep dive” of the 2020 election compiled by House Democrats blames bad polling that underestimated voter turnout by supporters of then-President Trump, as well as effective messaging by House Republicans that focused on the far left’s “defund the police” movement, for the party’s underwhelming performance in congressional elections last November.

The GOP controlled the House for eight years before losing the majority in the chamber in the 2018 midterms amid a wave by House Democrats. But while Republicans lost the White House and their Senate majority in the 2020 contests, in the battle for the House they defied expectations and took a big bite out of the Democrats’ majority in November’s elections and currently only need a net gain of five seats in 2022 to regain control of the chamber.


The autopsy also calls for looking at new ways to interpret polling to understand who is and who isn’t voting, and urges a rethinking of a media strategy that may have over-relied on TV ads during the 2020 cycle.

And Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee who oversaw the analysis, predicted that with Trump not on the ballot in next year’s midterm elections, “there’s no evidence that Republicans’ current message, which is divisive and reckless, will be able to recreate the turnout Republicans saw in 2020, and it might in fact hurt them.”

The 52-page PowerPoint presentation, which was shared with House Democrats during a call Tuesday evening, included interviews with campaign officials, candidates, consultants and staff, as well as an analysis of over 600 polls from House races last year, according to a summary of the report obtained by Fox News on Wednesday.

“House Democrats are committed to protecting our majority to keep delivering real results to the American people, and that means learning the lessons of the last election

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House Democrats’ 2020 autopsy blames GOP attacks, bad polling for disappointing results

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