GOP Resolution Backs Israel’s ‘right To Defend Itself,’ Omits Call For Ceasefire

GOP Resolution Backs Israel’s ‘right To Defend Itself,’ Omits Call For Ceasefire

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A group of 19 Senate Republican lawmakers led by Sen. Rick Scott of Florida unveiled a resolution Monday affirming US support for Israel amid an escalating conflict with Hamas militants.

The resolution, set to be introduced in Congress this week, expresses support for Israel’s “right to defend itself against terrorist attacks.” The text makes no reference to a ceasefire, marking a contrast to remarks from President Biden and other Democratic lawmakers who called for halt to hostilities amid the worst fighting in the region since 2014.

“For decades, the people of Israel have endured unyielding attacks from terrorist groups, like Hamas, who wish to destroy the Jewish state and its people,” Scott said in a statement. “Now, as thousands of rockets rain down, our resolve to stand with Israel must be stronger than ever. I want to be clear: no country, certainly not the United States, would tolerate attacks like these and not take whatever action is necessary to end them. As our grea

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GOP resolution backs Israel’s ‘right to defend itself,’ omits call for ceasefire

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