Portland Mayor ‘grateful’ For Biden Reversal Of Trump Order That Sent Federal Agents To City Amid Protests

Portland Mayor ‘grateful’ For Biden Reversal Of Trump Order That Sent Federal Agents To City Amid Protests

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Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler said Saturday he was grateful for the White House’s “support” after President Biden reversed a Trump administration order that allowed federal agents to intervene in the city’s riots last summer.

“Thankful for the support of the current administration,” the embattled mayor, who narrowly won reelection, pointedly wrote on Twitter. 

The anti-rioting executive order was among several Biden reversed Friday through his own executive orders.

Trump actions canceled by Biden included the former president’s July order to create a garden of monuments to “American Heroes” in response to damage to statues across the U.S.

The Trump administration sent hundreds of federal agents to the Oregon city last summer to protect the federal courthouse, which had become a target of vandalism during weeks of destructive, anti-police rioting. 

The city saw 100 consecutive days of often violent protests last year sparked by the May 25, 2020, death of George Floyd, for which a former Minneapolis police officer was convicted of murder last month.


A federal investigative report last month found agents in Portland didn’t have the proper training or equipment

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Portland mayor ‘grateful’ for Biden reversal of Trump order that sent federal agents to city amid protests

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