Colonial Pipeline Returns To ‘normal Operations’ After Restart

Colonial Pipeline Returns To ‘normal Operations’ After Restart

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“Since this incident began, we have been clear that our focus was on the safe and efficient restoration of service to our pipeline system,” the company said on Twitter. It had launched an initial restart on Wednesday following the shutdown triggered by the ransomware attack.

Last week’s complete shutdown of the crucial pipeline led to panic-buying and widespread gas station outages in the Southeast and prompted oil industry executives to warn that gas hoarding was worsening the supply crunch. The pipeline, responsible for carrying fuel from refineries along the Gulf Coast to New Jersey, provides nearly half the gasoline and diesel consumed by the East Coast, making it perhaps America’s most important pipeline.

    The company said its team “worked safely and tirelessly around the clock” to restore operations and thanked the White House, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, the FBI and other government agencies for their support.

      After launching the initial restart of its operations Wednesday evening, Colonial had warned it would take several days for service to return to normal. As of Friday, gas station outages hitting many Southeast states began to ease slightly, though they remained significant.

        President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm had predicted a “return to normalcy” by the end of the weekend. But the 5,500-mile long Colon

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        Colonial Pipeline returns to ‘normal operations’ after restart

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