Arizona Republicans Move 2020 Ballots In Trucks After Pausing Controversial Election Audit

Arizona Republicans Move 2020 Ballots In Trucks After Pausing Controversial Election Audit

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(CNN)The first semi truck full of 2020 election ballots rolled slowly through the Arizona State Fairgrounds on Friday, past the “Crazy Times Carnival” set up in the south parking lot to a warehouse where the approximately 2.1 million ballots cast by Maricopa County voters will be stored for the next week.

This is the latest bizarre act in the replay of the Big Lie — that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

On Thursday night, a three-week ballot review led by the GOP-controlled Arizona Senate came to a temporary halt. The lease for the Senate and its tech consultants, Cyber Ninjas, was up at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, where openly partisan volunteers and hourly workers had been conducting the ballot count.

    Despite public pledges that this third ballot review would be finished by May 14, Arizona Senate liaison Ken Bennett told CNN they had gotten through only about 500,000 ballots before being forced to give up their space.

      The lease could not be extended because the Coliseum is hosting more than a dozen high school graduations in the coming week, raising possible security concerns about the ballots, which are now being relocated.

        Friday morning, forklifts began lifting pallets filled with boxes of ballots onto trailer beds to move to a temporary warehouse, a building on the south side of the fairgrounds called the Wesley Bolin Building a couple of hundred yards away. The sage-green warehouse sits directly next to the Crazy Times Carnival, which has been using the Wesley Bolin’s restrooms for carnivalgoers as public bathrooms, creating a second, ongoing security issue beyond the relocation from the Coliseum.

        “They’ll be in a locked container with 24/7 armed guards, fencing and 24/7 livestreaming cameras,” Bennett told CNN.

          When asked if the facility housing the ballots would be temperature- and moisture-controlled, Bennett said it would be, adding that “the place where the ballots are stored will be in a condition that does not affect the ballots negatively.”

          Bennett would not discuss the specifics of circumstances inside the Wesley Bolin Building.

          On the Arizona fairgrounds website describing its venues, it warns that the building is “not recommended for use between May through September.” The reason?

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          Arizona Republicans move 2020 ballots in trucks after pausing controversial election audit

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