Schumer Says He Will Soon Introduce A Marijuana Legalization Bill

Schumer Says He Will Soon Introduce A Marijuana Legalization Bill

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Sen. Chuck Schumer said that he would be introducing a marijuana bill “shortly,” one that would not only legalize the drug but would expunge past records. 

“Here’s the immediate time frame,” the New York Democrat told podcast host and former South Carolina representative Bakari Sellers. “The three people working on a comprehensive bill are myself, Senator [Ron] Wyden and Senator [Corey] Booker, and we will be introducing our bill shortly.” 

“It is not just legalization but a deal for the injustices of the past expungement of the records making sure that the money that’s made from marijuana goes to the communities, communities of color, poor people communities, that have paid the price for this ridiculous scheduling of marijuana,” Schumer said.

“We’re going to get some support from the right on this, we hope,” Schumer

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Schumer says he will soon introduce a marijuana legalization bill

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