Florida Gov. DeSantis Touts Bonuses For Policemen, Beating Lockdowns And Banning ‘Zuckerbucks’

Florida Gov. DeSantis Touts Bonuses For Policemen, Beating Lockdowns And Banning ‘Zuckerbucks’

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Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis touted his administration’s multiple recent accomplishments Tuesday, pointing to his bonuses for police officers and first responders, avoiding the economic recessions still being felt in several states due to lockdowns, and banning what he called “Zuckerbucks” — in reference to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s funding of election operations.

As host Sean Hannity noted, DeSantis largely kept his businesses and his constituents’ socioeconomic freedoms wide open during the pandemic, while at the same time protecting his sizeable senior citizen population among other vulnerable groups.

Hannity pointed to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New Jersey Gov. Philip Murphy and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as examples of state leaders who instead kept, and to varying extents still keep, their constituents under socioeconomic restrictions; in contrast with Florida’s DeSantis.

Regarding his support for law enforcement, DeSantis said 174,000 Floridian first responders will receive a one-time $1,000 bonus for their efforts and personal risks taken during the pandemic.

“Sean, they have a tough job. They were treated horribly in many parts of the country for the entire year. We stood by them in Florida 100%, but we also recognized this was a very challenging year, so this is one way for us to say thank you, and another way, the bill you mentioned, the anti-rioting bill, provides additional support for the police,” he said.

“[The anti-rioting bill] says very simply that if the local government tries to defund law enforcement, the state of Florida will veto that, we will make sure law enforcement is funded, and if people are rioting, they are damaging property, attacking police, they are going to go to jail.”


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Florida Gov. DeSantis touts bonuses for policemen, beating lockdowns and banning ‘Zuckerbucks’

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