Growing Opposition In California To Newsom Recall, New Poll Suggests

Growing Opposition In California To Newsom Recall, New Poll Suggests

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Nearly half of California voters don’t support recalling Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, with more than a third of those questioned in a new poll saying they’d vote to oust the embattled governor in November’s all-but-certain recall election, a new survey released Tuesday indicated.

According to a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll that was co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, 49% said they opposed recalling Newsom, up slightly from 45% in January, with support for the recalling the governor holding steady at 36%. Fifteen percent were undecided.


The poll points to a vast partisan divide, with three-quarters of Democrats opposed to ousting Newsom, 8% supporting the recall, and 17% unsure. Only a third of independents supported the recall, with 45% opposed and just over one in five undecided. But the vast majority of Republicans – 85% – favored recalling the governor.

In a break with Newsom, nearly half of Democrats surveyed favored having a prominent Democratic replacement candidate on the recall ballot just in case Newsom is ousted from office, with just under one in three Democrats opposed. Newsom and his allies are pushing to prevent any other well-known Democrats from getting on the ballot.

The poll also pointed to la

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Growing opposition in California to Newsom recall, new poll suggests

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