Pro-GOP Group ‘doubles Down’ On New Campaign Targeting Pelosi’s ‘radical’ Drug Plan

Pro-GOP Group ‘doubles Down’ On New Campaign Targeting Pelosi’s ‘radical’ Drug Plan

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EXCLUSIVE – A conservative advocacy group that backs Republican causes is expanding a major ad blitz in dozens of congressional districts controlled by House Democrats that targets House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “radical plan” to lower prescription drug prices through government regulation.

The American Action Network (AAN) on Monday is announcing that it’s adding another $1 million to an existing $4 million ad campaign that it launched last week in 40 congressional districts represented by Democrats. And it’s going up with ads in another five districts, bringing to 45 the number of districts targeted.


The new spot, shared first with Fox News, highlights a national security theme, charging that the House speaker’s proposal to lower prescription drug prices could send pharmaceutical manufacturing overseas, possibly making Americans reliant on China for their medications.

“Communist China. They threaten our economy. Even our security,” the announcer highlights in the new commercial.

“So does Nancy Pelosi really want them producing our medicines. Pelosi’s radical plan will result in American drug production outsourced to foreign countries like China. Our lifesaving supply chain marching straight through Beijing. You rely on these critical drugs. Under Pelosi’s plan, you’ll be relying on China,” the announcer claims.

The announcer then urges viewers to call the House Democrat in their district and urge the lawmaker “to stop Pelosi’s socialist drug takeover plan.”

AAN, which has ties to the pharmaceutical industry, kicked off its new campaign last week with an ad that argued that the proposal by congressional Democrats, if passed into law, could mean fewer cures for life-threatening diseases and less access to breakthrough new treatments, like the COVID-19 vaccines.

House Democrats in December 2019 passed H.R. 3, which was known as the “Lower Drug Costs Now Act.”


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Pro-GOP group ‘doubles down’ on new campaign targeting Pelosi’s ‘radical’ drug plan

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