These Moms Were Doing It All. Then The Pandemic Hit

These Moms Were Doing It All. Then The Pandemic Hit

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MacKenzie Nicholson New Hampshire

MacKenzie Nicholson lives in Nottingham, New Hampshire, with her husband and two kids, ages 7 and 4. She was laid off from her nonprofit job in healthcare advocacy in June 2020 and has since struggled to re-enter the workforce without childcare. Her second grader has just returned to in-person learning after spending more than a year at home. But her younger child remains at home. When Nicholson was laid off, she could no longer afford preschool tuition so they lost their spot at the only licensed daycare in their area.

Being a mom “It is so lonely. And I’m not

okay. I am not okay, I am

struggling. Oh, I’m

struggling. I cry, like, all day

every day, you know what I

mean? It’s a multitude of

things, right? Like, it’s

financial stress, it’s

relationship stress with my

husband and I, because I’m

exhausted at the end of the

day. You know, it’s me and

my internal … thoughts.

Like, I feel like I’m failing my

kids, I am not meant to be a

teacher. I am terrible at this

… I’m so quick to get

frustrated. And I’m not

patient … It’s sort of that

internal dialogue breaking

me down, and I’m not okay

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These moms were doing it all. Then the pandemic hit

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