Omsom Sauce Kits Are One Of The Top Cooking Products We’ve Tried

Omsom Sauce Kits Are One Of The Top Cooking Products We’ve Tried

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Before we get into everything that Omsom delivers, I want to state clearly: This is one of the best cooking products I’ve ever tested. A bold claim, I know, but thanks to Omsom — a sauce kit that makes cooking with incredible Asian flavors uncomplicated to newbs — I’ve become more comfortable throwing together recipes I’ve never tried before, and I’ve even expanded my pantry to include things like fish and oyster sauce. (This by no means deserves any congratulatory praise; I should have invested in these condiments a lot sooner. Still, I’m grateful that Omsom was able to show me the way.)


Omsom is a direct-to-consumer food brand that sells “starters,” which are ready-to-use pouches that serve as the base flavor for a particular Asian dish. “Each starter combines all the sauces, aromatics, seasonings, citruses and oils that decades of tradition call for,” Omsom’s website states, and man, these things are truly bursting with flavor.

The company was founded by sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham, who are the daughters of Vietnemese refugees. While their Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ starter is positively divine, all of the sisters’ flavors rock. You can buy specific starters once you find your favorite, but I recommend testing out the product by buying a bundle, which includes all six starters that span six different cuisines. Here’s what you’ll get:

Southeast Asian Omsom Sampler ($29)

2 Vietnamese starters 2 Thai starters 2 Filipino starters East Asian Omsom Sampler ($29)

2 Japanese starters 2 Korean starters 2 Chinese starters Omsom

I was especially lucky to have tried Omsom deep into the pandemic. A mix of cooking fatigue, life fatigue and that painful combination of nostalgia and longing you feel when you look back on travel photos and have no idea when you’ll ever set foot in an airport again because of a global pandemic (just me?) made the timing just right to try something new and delightful. Omsom was it.

I first tested the Thai Larb starter, which I added to a mix of mushrooms and mixed veggies. The first bite took me right back to my honeymoon in Thailand — and, to be real, I was a bit surprised I could make something that tasted so good and flavorful. Of course, it was Omsom that deserved the credit, since I didn’t do much beyond a bit of chopping, slicing and dicing.

Another gift that Omsom offers? It makes you feel like you’re eating something very special. Every recipe I tried was restaurant quality. My family felt like they were eating a meal that came from an actual restaurant, something that’s become a little bit foreign to us over the

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Omsom sauce kits are one of the top cooking products we’ve tried

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