Virginia Showdown: GOP Using Ranked-Choice Voting To Pick Gubernatorial Nominee

Virginia Showdown: GOP Using Ranked-Choice Voting To Pick Gubernatorial Nominee

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Virginia Republicans are set to gather across the Commonwealth on Saturday to choose their nominee for governor in November’s general election, in a race where most of the leading contenders have touted their support for former President Donald Trump.

Unlike their Democratic counterparts, who are holding a traditional gubernatorial primary in June, the Virginia GOP is holding what’s being called a “disassembled convention” at nearly 40 sites across the state. Delegates, who’ve been vetted by local Republican committees, will vote for the party’s gubernatorial nominee, as well as choose their picks for lieutenant governor and attorney general.

How the ‘disassembled convention’ works

The roughly 54,000 delegates will drive in their cars to the statewide locations, receive a ballot, fill it out, and then drop it into a ballot box before driving off. The setup is due to Virginia’s coronavirus restrictions, which prevent an “assembled” convention from being held in person in an arena or other large-capacity facility. Voting takes place from 9 a.m. ET through 4 p.m. ET.


The state party made its decision in March to hold the “disassembled convention” after sharp differences of opinion on whether t

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Virginia showdown: GOP using ranked-choice voting to pick gubernatorial nominee

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