Our Favorite Last-Minute Subscriptions To Gift Your Mom This Year

Our Favorite Last-Minute Subscriptions To Gift Your Mom This Year

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Whether Mom’s your favorite at-home chef, an extra-proud mom to a pup or someone who needs to stay creative at all times, a subscription can deliver joy to her heart and mind every month. And did we mention that the notification for her impending boxes can be delivered almost instantly to her email? No shipping time worries here.

Below we rounded up some of our favorites.

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

If Mom is your all-time favorite coffee connoisseur, not only will an Atlas Coffee Club subscription feed her need (and save room on their grocery list), the monthly deliveries from around the globe will also take her taste buds on a world tour. We tried it and loved it.


Bokksu Subscription

Does your mom dig trying new snacks every now and then? Bokksu comes packed full of 20-plus varieties of candies and snacks from family-owned businesses, plus a tea pairing and a cultural guide detailing its contents’ origins and flavors. Read our review of it here.


TheraBox Subscription

Self-care has become as essential as eating and breathing. Monthly deliveries from TheraBox contain one therapeutic activity, drawn from research, and six to eight wellness-inspired treats, from aromatherapy to bath and beauty products.


The Adults & Crafts Crate

Crafting can be a hobby or a way of life, so she’ll definitely appreciate the variety that comes with this monthly crate. Trying out a new craft, like engraving or woodburning, would otherwise require a bevy of new supplies and tools. The Adults & Crafts Crate delivers everything you need to complete a project.


BarkBox Subscription

Is your mom an obsessed dog parent? A gift for their furry friend is truly the best one you could give. Every Barkbox comes with two toys, two bags of all-natural treats and one chew, all tailored to a monthly theme.

Book of the Month

Book of the Month Subscription

Book of the Month offers the sort of selection and flexibility that keeps readers hooked. Each month Mom can choose one book from five different titles, curated with an emphasis on early releases and fresh voices. Skip deliveries whenever you like to keep your TBR pile from toppling over.


Masterclass Subscription

The talent powering MasterClass’ robust library of online courses is staggering. Mom might choose to study creative writing with Margaret Atwood or acting with Samuel L. Jackson. Offering digestible virtual lessons on users’ own time, MasterClass is anyone’s best bet for learning a new skill.


UrbanStems Subscription

Fresh flowers are a mood booster from the moment they arrive at your door. Imagine Mom’s face brightening every month with modern, seasonal bouquets from UrbanStems. You’ll never be far from their mind.

1800 Flowers

Plant of the Month Subscription

For the green thumb who can’t get enough, Plant of the Month from 1-800-Flowers delivers potted greenery in hand-selected decorative planters each month.

Butcher Box

Butcher Box Subscription

ButcherBox partners with sustainable farms to deliver humanely raised, high-quality meats, including poultry, beef and pork. Monthly boxes can either come preselected or customized, and Butcher Box offers loads of tips and recipes for preparation.

Green Chef

Green Chef Subscription

For anyone embarking on a new eating program, Green Chef makes meal prep easy. Fresh, organic, sustainably sourced ingredients can be tailored to particular needs, like Keto, Paleo or Plant-Powered. You can see more healthier meal delivery services here.


Audible Subscription

For anyone who has exhausted their streaming services, Audible can open up a whole new world of storytelling. They can listen to luminaries like Barack and Michelle Obama read their memoirs, or catch up on the classics. Pairs well with crafts, meal prep and, of course, snacks.


Bath Bevy

Our bathtubs have become our full-service spas, and a new batch of luxuriants every month is just what they deserve. Each Bath Bevy delivery includes five to seven products, from scrubs to salts, or choose the new “tubless” option for an array of other options. Gift this one to yourself, honestly.


Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Pandemic baking has been one of this year’s great joys (though s

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Our favorite last-minute subscriptions to gift your mom this year

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