Biden Waives Ethics Rules For Former Union Bosses Who Now Work In White House

Biden Waives Ethics Rules For Former Union Bosses Who Now Work In White House

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The Biden administration has come under scrutiny from Republicans on Capitol Hill following its decision to circumvent federal ethics rules and staff former union officials in senior posts.

Beginning as early as March, the White House waived certain rules for former labor union personnel slotted to fill Biden’s transition teams and government vacancies, who would have otherwise been prevented from communicating with their old unions.  

Senior official in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Alethea Predeoux, was granted a waiver to allow her to facilitate communication between the government agency and the American Federation of Government Employees – a union representing 700,000 federal workers for whom she was formally a top lobbyist, Axios first reported.


In April, the White House issued a similar waiver, allowing for Celeste Drake, who was tapped to lead the White House Made In America Office, to communicate with her former employers, the Director’s Guild of America and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

The administration has said these are necessary moves to facilitate liaisons between government agencies and labor unions.

In a statement to Fox News on Saturday, National Republican Senatorial Committee

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Biden waives ethics rules for former union bosses who now work in White House

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