Biden Urges Passage Of Economic Proposals In Wake Of Dismal Jobs Report

Biden Urges Passage Of Economic Proposals In Wake Of Dismal Jobs Report

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(CNN)President Joe Biden on Friday argued the US needs the kind of large-scale investments his economic proposals call for in the wake of a disappointing Friday jobs report that fell well below expectations.

“We can’t let up, this jobs report makes that clear. We’ve got too much work to do,” Biden said, speaking from the White House.

The President pitched his American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan, which together total roughly $4 trillion, as ways to kickstart the US economy and create more jobs. The plans invest heavily in infrastructure, education, child care and paid leave.

Biden rejected the idea that expanded unemployment benefits limited how many people are looking for work, saying there was “nothing measurable” that suggested that that was the case.

The US economy added only 266,000 jobs in April, which was far less than the 1 million jobs economists had predicted. Experts had forecast that the national rollout of Covid-19 vaccines and the reopening of the economy would jolt hiring.

The unemployment rate rose to 6.1% in April, up from 6% a month earlier, as more people returned to the labor force to look actively for work, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday. The March jobs numbers were also revised down to 770,000 from the 916,000 that was initially reported.

    Negotiations over Biden’s massive economic proposals are intensifying on Capitol Hill, and Biden and senior congressional Democrats plan to make a sustained push for a bipartisan agreement on a scaled-back infrastructure proposal over the next two weeks, CNN has reported.

    Next week, the President is set to hold a key meeting with Republican and Democratic leadership in the Senate and House of Representatives. Biden has also invited the lead Senate GOP negotiator, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, to the Whit

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    Biden urges passage of economic proposals in wake of dismal jobs report

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