Trump And Legal Team Approached About Giuliani Legal Costs

Trump And Legal Team Approached About Giuliani Legal Costs

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(CNN)Allies of Rudy Giuliani continue to call on former President Donald Trump and Republicans to pay for his efforts around the election and, in turn, subsidize the mounting legal bills facing the former New York City mayor.

Trump was recently informed directly by Giuliani associates of the increasing debts incurred by his onetime personal lawyer, one source told CNN. Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello, also raised the issue in recent days with lawyers for Trump. Asked if the former President’s legal team was responsive, Costello replied, “No comment.”

A person familiar with the matter said Trump’s team has not decided whether to get involved in the search warrant review that is being conducted to ensure privileged information seized in the recent raid of Giuliani’s apartment and office is kept from investigators.

    One of the most vocal is Giuliani’s son Andrew, who worked in the Trump White House and told CNN,”The nut may crack in the next 36 hours.” He called on Trump to “take the lead on this one,” adding: “He can be the hero.”

      “Once President Trump actually understands that his lead counsel was not indemnified, he’s going to resolve this very quickly,” Andrew Giuliani said on Wednesday.

        Andrew Giuliani said his father was reimbursed for travel-related expenses incurred after the 2020 election, when he visited Arizona and other states to argue election fraud lawsuits in court. He said his father has not, however, been paid for legal services.

        “The legal costs with him fighting to retain his law license in New York and fighting the Southern District (of New York) on what I think are bogus charges, that should be indemnified,” he said.

          The New York Times was first to report on the urging of the former President to help.

          Trump is currently sitting on a substantial pile of cash that his campaign operation raised in the weeks following the November election as they solicited contributions f

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          Trump and legal team approached about Giuliani legal costs

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