Caitlyn Jenner Promises To ‘veto Any Tax Increase’ If Elected Governor

Caitlyn Jenner Promises To ‘veto Any Tax Increase’ If Elected Governor

Caitlyn Jenner, who recently made a splash jumping into the recall race to try and unseat California Gov. Gavin Newsom, promised to veto any tax increase in her state if elected governor. 

“Just one of my solutions to save California,” Jenner wrote in a tweet quoting her plan. 

“When I’m Governor, I’ll veto any tax increase. Period,” the former Olympian and famed member of the Kardashian dynasty wrote under the “Solutions” tab of her campaign website.

Jenner has identified herself as an “#lgbt fiscal conservative and socially liberal candidate.”

“California has the highest personal income tax and highest state sales tax in the country. Add in property tax, federal tax, local tax, gas tax, excise taxes and some kind of government fee on nearly everything we do,” Jenner added. 

“Newsom’s Administration is built upon a flawed viewpoint that we provide an endless stream of funding for a government that rarely cuts back, almost never assesses progress and outright rejects accountability,” Jenner wrote in a jab at her incumbent opponent. 


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Caitlyn Jenner promises to ‘veto any tax increase’ if elected governor

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